Sunsets before 5 PM

Hi there, welcome to the blog. As I write this entry, the sun has already set over beautiful downtown Chicago, and it’s not even 5pm yet! Oh, yes, winter is coming.

This means more time to dedicate to this place, which has been a long time coming. This is going to be an exciting little journey. Writing is not my passion; I’m more of an audio-visual kind of gal. That being said, I’ll do my best to share and maybe even experience a little writing growth in the process.

Most of my downtime is dedicated to a few important things, which I will probably showcase a lot on this blog:

my baby dog Skye, a blue Great Dane beauty,

at 9 months!
at 9 months!
At 8 weeks.
At 8 weeks.

fitness/health things, makeup (oh, makeup companies, you totally get me), fashion (not too high end, I’m inspired by eras and movies, not designers) and FOOOOOD (did I mention I love food?).


I encourage you to come back soon and interact!

And away we go.



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