Finding My Happy Place

Guys, writing a blog is scary stuff. I mean, putting your thoughts out there on the internet… it’s kind of intense, if you think about it. And still I feel compelled to take a chance and share because if one doesn’t risk sharing then you risk missing out. So I’m going to start my sharing some of my favorite things: a mishmash of items or activities that make me thankful and happy or just generally put me in a better place. In no particular order:

1. Watching Hocus Pocus on or around Halloween.



It’s not like this is an award winning film, it’s just fun and cute and very very 90s. It’s perfectly light fun and gets me in the whole “it’s finally Fall!” mood.

2. My Ann Taylor gallery tote

In nude

I love this bag. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it (from the most random people) and plenty of folks at my work have also found this understated bag to be perfect for the office and after-hours. The only downside: it has no closure at the top so it pops open if you have a bunch of stuff in it, which I always do. It really is an awesome bag, and Ann Taylor has 50% off sales like every other week so it’s very affordable!


3. Wunderlist

Are you obsessed with To Do lists in the way I’m obsessed with To Do lists? Or are you just generally absentminded and need organization and reminders of your responsibilities? Then this app is pretty much the bee’s knees. My husband and I use it to coordinate household chores, grocery lists, etc. since it works across a variety of platforms and lists can be shared. Hooray for structure!

4. Wine!


I want to say I’ve found the holy grail of wines, since I wanted to keep this list of favorites as specific as possible, but it really varies by dish, season and my mood. The pictured wine (Chateau Poyanne Cotes de Bourg) was really good, and I was lucky enough to taste some amazing wines when I was in Provence with my lady friends (shout out to Bertrand from Instant Terroir wine tour, amazing!). Enjoying some wine after a tough, long day is just a must in my book. We stock wine like milk in our special little wine fridge. Never can have too much!


5. Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend tea

The best way to wind down my night: a delicious, hot cup of tea (this kind or Cinnamon Apple from Celestial Seasonings). If you let it steep in there for several minutes it gets really sweet, naturally. It’s awesome.

6. Blog reading. I hope to do a post on some of my favorites, but it all started when my friend Val helped me set up my Feedly with some fun blogs, whereupon I quickly began my blog reading love. Inspired by the likes of The Fitnessista, Peanut Butter Fingers, Pumps & Iron, Lemon Stripes and countless fashion blogs, I have vastly improved my knowledge of all things health, shoes and Buzzfeed related. Thank you, internet!

7. Fruit Pies

At my wedding, there was no cake, only six different varieties of pie (catered by delicious Hoosier Mama Pie Company). When I die and go to heaven, I believe God will be waiting with an eternal buffet of dutch apple cherry pies, with extra crumble. My love for pie makes it very difficult to fully embrace Paleo, but then again, it’s all about moderation!

8. Hiking


There’s nothing that helps me clear my mind (or burn off pie calories) than a fresh, crisp morning hike. It’s one of those things I don’t often plan too far in advance, my mind just needs a rest from urban living and I have to reset. The Chicago suburbs have lots of trails, but unfortunately most of them are flat (albeit full of wonderful scenery). Varied topography is one of the things I miss most about California, for sure.

Let’s leave it there for now. Before I’m tempted to eat that picture  of pie on my screen. mmmmmmm





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