Day 4 of Paleo and ACV (<—what is that??)

There’s nothing more awesome than throwbacks… I was going to hold on to that last video for Throwback Thursday, but it’s not really a throwback to my era. That would be more along the lines of this:

Oh, dELiA*s.

Or, really, this:

Sh*t you guys, I’ve never had straight friends before!

But let’s get back to business! Today marks Day 4 of my Paleo pursuit. I must say, I already feel less bloated and generally my digestion is agreeing with me. Which is probably why I was able to resist that hump day glass of wine I was scheming to have, telling myself, hey! red wine is Paleo! Well, sure, but, let’s be real, I don’t think that’s really the point of a detox.

This morning was Pesto Eggs with Cilantro-cauli Rice:


The pesto was easy- just throw in the macadamia nuts and olive oil in equal parts (about half a cup) with a bunch of cilantro in the food processor, a clove of garlic (salt and pepper to taste) and blend away!


Then you just add about a tablespoon or so to your scrambled eggs while they cook. I am fortunate that I get my eggs from an awesome local farm (the Moore Farm) and they are beyond delicious. I can’t tell you what a difference getting fresh eggs makes. I’ve met Diann Moore and visited the farm- I even saw the little gals that lay my eggs!


I feel like such a muppie saying stuff like “farm to table” and “clean eating” sometimes, because, let’s face it, it’s a total privilege to get to do stuff like get meats from your local farm, while still living in an awesome foodie metropolis like Chicago. I’m just countin’ my blessings…

Speaking of health-obsessed, quasi-orthorexic trends, I had a little request to talk about ACV. What is that lingo you may ask? (I don’t know if it’s a thing, but that’s what my friend Val called it, and Google agrees). I’m referring to Apple Cider Vinegar- the dieter’s dream. I’ve seen tons upon tons of diets incorporate this stuff into their guidelines- from Tone It Up (which I will probably do a post on later) to Jillian Michaels to, of course, Paleo and Primal.

People (by which I mean Cross-fitters) do things like, take shots of this stuff in the morning. While it’s very possible it will give you a little wake up call (this stuff is, well, it’s vinegar people), there are apparently some scientific findings that it does lots of good things, like have an anti-glycemic effect by blocking some of the digestion of starch, preventing a spike in your blood sugar. Don’t believe me? Just ask WebMD. They recommend unfiltered ACV, since it has a “blob” they call the “mother” and it’s full of probiotics. Sounds sketchy to me. I’ll stick to:



But seriously, use that ACV as a salad dressing or in cooking, and it sounds like it will help mitigate damages from a carb bomb. Tubular! Nothing worse than a sugar crash and subsequent cravings for, well, more carbs.

Alright, time to head to work once more. Countdown for the weekend…


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