Fantabulous Fridays – get your makeup on

Life is too short not to make up ridiculous superlatives like “fantabulous,” amirite?

Today, we chat about the makeup. Makeup has to be one of those things that just calls to me like a siren singing me to shipwreck (based on my typical Sephora bill, at least). Most of the stuff I end up buying kind of sits there, so I wanted to synthesize all my makeup product experiences and come up with a “greatest hits” list for you. I’m gonna start with eyes today, which I’d say is my area of expertise. There’s just so much you can do with eyes, but that can lead to product distractions. So, without further ado, here are my jamz:

1. NYC liquid eyeliner in jet black
My sister introduced me to this awesome product way back in the day when I was still testing out the eyeliner waters. Not only does it stay on all day long, glide on like a dream in a rich black shade, but it’s also only $3.99! Holler. A similar eyeliner, if you want to spend about $17 more is the Urban Decay liquid liner, which I used once and it’s about the same consistency and brush as the NYC liner.



2. Diorshow Iconic Overcurl
Dior, why are you so amazing but so expensive? This splurge on my list is very worth it, though. I usually tend to buy like three different mascaras to get the look I want. Overcurl has eliminated all but one: They’re Real! by Benefit, which I use on the outer lashes to accentuate the cat eye effect. Can you tell I’m a little obsessed with the cat eye?

3. Natural Eye by Too Faced
This is great for everyday looks, and it’s got a couple of sparkly and dark shades for the after-work events. I pretty much only take this palette when I travel somewhere since it’s compact and pretty complete.


4. Elf eye makeup remover pen
A GEM!! This quickly cleans up the strays after eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow application. It’s a miracle, and it’s like $3. Woooot.

Yeah, it's kind of gunky, I know.
Yeah, it’s kind of gunky, I know.

5. Q-Tips
In case you can’t find the makeup remover pen or you just need to clean up that eyeliner you thought would totally look like cat eyes but instead now looks like this- Q tips with a little eye primer (see below) or lotion totally do the trick. Or in a pinch you can just moisten it with some saliva… I’m keeping it real here!! Sometimes you just do what you gotta do!


6. High Brow Glow by Benefit
I never realized how much of a difference applying a little bright eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes and the outer, bottom corner of your eyes makes. Especially when you’re trying to pull of a cat eye look. This pen is shimmery, so it reflects light and gives your eyes an awake look, which I totally love since I have deeper set eyes. If you prefer matte, they also make the High Brow pen without the glow.

7. Primer Potion by Urban Decay or Shadow Insurance by Too Faced
You must buy eye shadow primer. Otherwise you might as well just throw your eyeshadow away cause it’s going to crease and fall off. Nuff said.
I also use this stuff as primer for my concealer, just be sure to wait a while after you put any kind of eye lotion or else this stuff will curdle up. Not good.


8. A Business card.
So you can call me if you need me to do your makeup. Just kidding- my day job is far from that. Sigh. Business cards, although typically useless in the age of the internet and a major contributor to deforestation, can still serve a purpose. Enter: eye makeup control. Just place a card next to the outer corner of your eye and align it with the end of your eyebrow (as shown) and apply your eyeshadow. Shazam, perfect eyeshadow application that will keep your eyes from looking racoon-y. You’re very welcome.



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