It’s been too long

Thanksgiving just flew right past me! Can’t believe it’s already December and Cyber Monday! This year we were trying to find a good deal on a quality TV set, mostly because Alex likes to watch football until his eyes fall out. I tend to watch TV on my laptop… is that crazy? Even when I could be watching it in the TV right in front of me. I just find it strains my eyes less to watch it on my laptop, which is probably because our TV is pretty crappy. Womp.

So, we made our way out to Desert Ridge in Phoenix, AZ for Thanksgiving, as I previously mentioned. First I said farewell to work:

IMG_7399Then we hopped on the CTA to Midway airport, desert bound…

CTA photobomb
CTA photobomb

…and pretty much the first thing we did when we got to AZ was hit the pool, of course:

IMG_7402Like the absentminded fool I am, I totally forgot my bathing suit and had to borrow my mother-in-law’s, which was totally fine, especially since she also let me wear her matching white sunglasses. I looked pretty Miami-fabulous, and decided to top the look off with red lipstick for added flair.

No evening would be complete without a little game of Settlers of Catan in the Kandabarow household


And, of course, a beautiful hike through the warm desert:


"We look like a Susan G. Komen ad"- Liv
“We look like a Susan G. Komen ad”- Liv

The night after Thanksgiving, we did Mastro’s Ocean Club and, of course, Dad-in-law ordered the Seafood Tower:

IMG_7416I paired it with a SUPERB Fess Parker Viognier

IMG_7415Absolutely delicious, all around. I heart Mastro’s, especially their bone-in steak. mmmmmm.

The next morning we had breakfast at a place that basically looked like Happy Gilmore’s “happy place”

"We've only just begun to live..."
“We’ve only just begun to live…”

Then walked the grounds of the resort to get our body moving after a filling brunch. Wandering around the city we stumbled upon a pediatric dentist’s office that had an impressive space theme:

IMG_7423IMG_7424Pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. This guy really followed through on his vision.

After an exhausting week of eating, drinking, hiking, card/board game playing and shopping (so much ULTA), we finally came home to this baby:

"Where's my dinner?"
“Where’s my dinner?”

She’s working through a little Demodex infection, hence the little scar on her face. Poor baby, she’s always got something going on. But giving her a big ol’ hug was the perfect ending to a tremendous Thanksgiving weekend. Can’t wait for Christmas.


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